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About Merchant Maven

Merchant Maven is committed to:  

  • Honest and straight-forward solutions with no gimmicks or hidden costs,

  • Helping merchants understand competitor’s agreements and where to save money, ($0 early termination fee if not completely satisfied)

  • Providing accurate and detailed cost analysis, 

  • Full disclosure regarding agreements with vendors.

We tirelessly negotiate with banks and ISOs to capture the best industry rates enabling us to offer deep discount and wholesale credit card fee pricing.  

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Our White Glove Roll-out Process

Merchant Maven is familiar with each account and its particular set-up and needs, making the trouble shooting process easier and quickly resolve any issues.Merchant Maven can visit if necessary for re-training or to provide additional signage. Merchant Maven also provides free terminal paper upon request. 

Credit Card

I. Pre-Installation

•Pre-programmed terminals are brought to the dealership.


II. Installation

•Individualized training and word tracks are given to all necessary personnel while terminals are installed.

•Signage locations are selected and set-up.

•Virtual terminal access provided to all personnel that need it.

III. Roll-out

•Merchant Maven arrives at open, observes customer interaction, refines word tracks, and answers any questions that arise. 

•Accounting personnel are trained on the web portal to search for transactions, reconcile batches, and verifying deposits.


Designing an Application

IV. On-going Support

•Personnel will be given direct numbers to the Merchant Maven Support Team including back-up numbers.

Call Center Headset

Our Quality Guarantee

We stand by our word. Our actions follow our word.  And, we deliver.  It's more than money. It's integrity. 

Start saving money on your credit card fees today.

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