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Save Up to 95% On Your Current Credit Card Fees.

Merchant Maven has proven Surcharge and Cash Discount programs that are legal and easy-to-execute. We have saved our clients tens-of-thousands of dollars without affecting service or consumer scores.


Merchant Maven is a true merchant advocate.

We help companies save money and grow by significantly reducing monthly credit cards fees.  We ensure your company is saving money, not for the banks and ISOs to make money. 

Save With Us

Save Up To 95% On Your Current Fee

Merchant Maven has teamed with leading merchant service and payment technology companies to provide your business with solutions that can save up to 95% off of your current credit card fees.

Avoid Hidden Costs

We work closely with your team to ensure your PCI Compliance Fees, Annual Fees, and termination fees are addressed and minimized.  

Benefit From a Seasoned Program

Our programs are streamlined to create a smart new revenue opportunity & Merchant Maven provides diligent training and support.

 Hands-on Support


  • Site visits/call (if needed/requested)

  • Application assistance and delivery

  • Merchant statement review

  • Terminal setup

  • Employee training 

  • Monitor customer feedback

  • On-going merchant support

Let us provide you with a customized credit card fee savings quote. 

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set up a consultation.

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